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Starboard Touring Deluxe Inflatable SUP Package


  •  New welding technology turns 2 pieces of materials into a single solid unit resulting in an extra strong Mechanical Bond.
  • A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and better for the environment.
  • Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.
  •  Stiff and hard standing plates makes a solid winner at a lightweight. The Galvanized 2000 D rails and deck/bottom stringers set the ZEN further apart together with the breakthrough welded rail technology.


Board Specification:

Dimensions Volume Ideal for:
12ft 6in x 30in x 6in 351 Touring
14ft x 30in x 6 in 380 Touring

Earn up to 999 Points.


The Starboard Touring iSUP has an updated outline with a narrower mid section & wider tail making for a faster glide, more stability and easier turns.

The shape makes it easier to hold the paddle closer & vertical which improves tracking and reduces the amount of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling. The wide tail makes it more stable and super easy to turn.

Starboard’s Rail Edge Technology creates a sharp edge for the water to smoothly release for optimal glide and speed.

The Starboard Touring iSUP includes 2 FCS inserts on the nose to attach accessories from GoPro , phone holder, compass or GPS, it is your perfect exploring companion. It includes a STAR Mount with every board to attach accessories.

Easy to Carry
The should strap with the Starboard Touring iSUP ensures it is easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder. The wide strap and extra padding provides extra comfort and with the light weight of the Touring iSUP, your other arm is free to multi-task, hold your coffee, a paddle, or phone. When not in use, the elastic bungee sits flat on the board so it doesn’t drag in the water.

The bungee tie-down on the front of the board is perfect for storing gear and supplies. Ideal when spending the day cruising.

At only 70g, the leash is incredibly lightweight and discrete so that it doesn’t interfere when paddling. Its soft cushioning means it will compress and flatten when stood on and it is easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop like on most other leashes. The leash cuff is made from Yulex, a natural rubber with 80% less carbon footprint than normal neoprene.

Also available: Starboard Touring Deluxe (Double Chamber) Inflatable SUP

Tufskin Paddle

Tiki-tech Paddle

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